BLOG POST #7: Creative Strategy and Concepting

25 Oct

Just one question for you to answer this week:

What is the creative strategy behind this TV spot?



11 Responses to “BLOG POST #7: Creative Strategy and Concepting”

  1. Thea Corona October 25, 2010 at 5:25 pm #

    I think the creative strategy behind the Cadbury Chocolate Gorilla advertisement is purely for entertainment value. It is one of those commercials that are nearly impossible to forget, simply because they are so “silly” and out there, that they are remembered, and talked about amongst friends, colleagues etc. One thing I found interesting was that I had to pause the commercial at the end to figure out what exactly they were advertising. When thinking into it, perhaps the message they are trying to portray is that they are animal friendly, or that by eating the milk chocolate you are getting a glass and a half full of your daily serving of milk within a delicious treat that your not usually “supposed” to have. Some form of justification of eating chocolate through getting not only a glass and a half of milk within one chocolate bar, but also supporting a really fun gorilla while doing so.

  2. Jordan MacConnell October 25, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    I think the Cadbury Chocolate commercial is one of the strangest commercials I have ever seen. The strategy for this ad campaign is more than likely just to make an impression, because before this recent campaign I don’t think I had ever seen a Cadbury Chocolate commercial. Another ad that they have and that is equally as strange is the one with the two kids who do eyebrow dances. Both commercials have nothing to do with chocolate, but have gotten people talking. Sometimes having a campaign that comes completely from left field is much more effective than just stating facts about the product. Weird sells these days. These advertisements have helped Cadbury stand out against its competition. Also advertisements can be a lot more fun when one can assume the meaning. As long as Cadbury’s name is out there and people buy their products, they probably don’t care too much about what you think the gorilla playing the drums is supposed to mean.

  3. Lisa Selnick October 28, 2010 at 2:21 am #

    The Cadbury chocolate commercial’s tone is to enjoy life and do the things one loves. They use the gorilla that is getting ready to play the drum set. At the beginning the gorilla has to prepare himself and get in the right mind before playing. Cadbury is trying to send the message that their chocolate bar will put their target market in the right mindset and prepare them for a life of thinking along the lines of “A glass half full.” The Phill Collins song goes parallel with the theme because the words “I can feel it,” go hand in hand to the gorilla feeling the urge to play the drums and doing what he loves. The simple message is, if you eat Cadbury chocolate, than you will go about life as a glass half full, or positively. The gorilla is not just a random part of the commercial. The gorilla is what catches the eye and causes tension. It is abstract from the normal advertisement and creates a “buzz” or thought process for the viewer. His job is to distract, and then show the candy bar. Both have nothing to do with each other causes their viewers think about the commercial and how it either confused them, or to simply just catch attention so that they do in fact think about Cadbury chocolate, and hopefully that commercial will cross their minds later for being so abstract and out of the ordinary. The target market is for those in their mid twenties, thirties, to young 40’s. It is a broad target market but to single it down more I think the target market is for those who have very busy careers and are stressed with work. The point of the commercial is to convey the message to their customers to take time away from the hectic day and do what one loves as a way to relieve stress. With their chocolate one can do that. That is why I believe they are the target market. The commercial is very creative and had an impact on me so I do think it has a successful creative strategy.

  4. Sarah Cunningham October 28, 2010 at 2:46 pm #

    I think that the Cadbury commercial is a consumer oriented advertising strategy and is aiming at entertaining the consumer. At first, it is difficult to understand what is going on in the commercial and what it is about but it does demonstrate an effective humor component. The music also sets the scene and shows how you can take the edge off of life and just enjoy things you love to do – in this instance, rocking out on the drums. This commercial is definitely one that will be recalled by everyone who sees it because of its obscurity and humor. It effectively engages the audience because the whole time you’re watching it, you are trying to figure out what it is trying to advertise.

  5. Shelby DuBois October 28, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    I think that the Cadbury commercial is very purposefully being wacky. They want to grab your attention. They are trying very much so to sell their outlook on life and their attitude. I would say in this case, they go hand in hand and are to just be a positive happy-go-lucky person who’s willing to do something a little silly. The very first words you read are “A glass and a half full production.” This sets the tone right away. I think the creative strategy is to basically sell “happiness” and “silliness” to their customers through their chocolate. If one had never seen the ad before, then one would most likely have no idea what the commercial is actually for, because the chocolate itself is not shown until the end of the commercial. This just goes to show that Cadbury really is trying to sell their outlook on life as opposed to just their product. Instead they are using their brand to sell it.

  6. Vanessa Felipe-Morales October 28, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    Just one question, what happened to the bunny? I guess Cadbury decided they needed another animal to promote this line of chocolate, but I don’t understand the choice for a gorilla. The song decision certainly makes sense… but other than that I think this commercial was meant just to stick in people’s minds. I know if I ever see this in stores now I will associate it with the drumming gorilla, and that feel good song, and I believe that was the point. Not all advertising needs to be straight-forward and in your face about the product, a lot of times it just needs to stand out, and this certainly does.

  7. zach boothe October 28, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    The creative strategy behind the Cadbury commercial is for entertainment and to respresent the glass and a half full of joy that you get when you eat one of their candy bars. I, for one, think the commercial represents the joy pretty well; their chocolate when I was in Australia was amazing. I think this is a great ad because it will get people talking, it’s original, and not easy to forget BUT you still remember what the commercial was for. It’s a pretty simple concept to see, a gorilla drumming to a Phil Collins song. It’s pretty fresh for a commercial since I believe the “In the Air Tonight” song has made a HUGE comeback thanks to the movie, ‘The Hangover.’ So good job to them for getting this ad together so well.

  8. Samantha Montgomery October 28, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    When watching this commercial, I instantly related it to Mike Tyson’s cameo in The Hangover where he plays the air drums. The creative strategy behind this advertisement is humor and novelty. How many people have chocolate ads with a big fake gorilla? Not many. Also, this ad makes people think after watching it. It stays in the mind and if people say “Cadbury,” people can instantly think of this commercial. Also this commercial makes people think. What in the world does a gorilla have to do with chocolate and why should we care? In all honesty, this commercial is simply brilliant at making people wonder. I was so confused that I had to watch it a second time just to see what it was for. I honestly loved it and I think the fact that it is so random makes it that much better. Also, the Phil Collins song was a classic touch.

  9. Nick Tsangaris October 28, 2010 at 11:15 pm #

    A lot of people thought baby carrots was random and had no inherent value in being so strange. Well, we are still talking about the Baby Carrots ad today, so clearly the creative strategy of being simply a strange commercial worked. This commercial for Cadbury Chocolate is trying to employ the same creative strategy. Some people have commented that since the “glass half full productions” is mentioned at the beginning of the ad, the ad is trying to make a point that their chocolate will make consumers’ lives happier. While I agree that this may be a valid point, I simply think the creators of this ad are using the gorilla simply to generate talk about the ad. Clearly it worked because we are writing a blog about it right now. On a personal note, I think these types of ads are the most successful and clearly where the advertisement industry should be heading in their ads.

  10. Ralph Fritz October 28, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

    Capitalizing on the post-Hangover popularity of “In The Air Tonight” (I cannot hear that song now without recalling the movie)- this advert is clearly designed to be as funny as it is novel. It does not lampshade advertising in general (like the Baby Carrots ads) or creep out most individuals (like the BK King ads), but it is just as worthy a mention as most other bizarre funny ads. I also think that people love monkeys and primates for numerous reasons- in yesterday’s comic book industry books with apes on the covers sold better. Regardless, this ad is a drastic improvement on the old Cadbury “bunny tryouts” as cute as they attempted to be. They would legitimately trot out that old show horse every year to move the product around Easter time- and I feel that there was more of a pull than a push when the tradition of Cadbury eggs at easter was established. It’s good to see the brand branching out and growing up.

  11. Ollie Birckhead October 28, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    The ad is bizarre, doesn’t make sense and has little to nothing to do with the product it is advertising. Every part of this is one hundred percent intentional. By intentionally confounding the viewer from the moment the ad starts, the TV spot, easily and instantly grabs, and more importantly holds the attention of the consumer. The ad lives and dies by the amount of water cooler chatter it can muster. The creative strategy behind the ad is to get people talking to each other about the spot. Ideally, the question of “what was it actually advertising?” will pop up and that is when the name of the product enters the consumer’s head. Once the consumer is in a buying mood, and they see the chocolate bar at the store, they will recognize the logo and consider giving it a try. An opportunity that otherwise would not have existed if the ad had not piqued the viewers curiosity.

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