BLOG POST #4: The Consumer

20 Sep

This week, your task is to write a market profile for the ad below.

You will most likely have to answer each of the thinking points to get to your 150 words.

  • What demographic, psychographic, behavioral and benefit groups comprise this ad’s market profile?
  • Why are these groups being targeted?
  • Does this ad effectively target your market profile?

10 Responses to “BLOG POST #4: The Consumer”

  1. Thea Corona September 20, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    The advertisement for the Clear Blue pregnancy test quite clearly is being marketed towards a very specific target audience. Firstly, the ad is targeted towards women, of a specific age range, that are wondering if they are pregnant. The ad itself not only eliminates men, but women over and under a specific age range form their audience almost immediately. Geographically, women all over the country become pregnant, so the specific demographic is limitless. While, there are some areas within the country, specifically religious demographics, where this would maybe not be as important as it would be for someone in New York City. I suppose in theory this would target somebody in my market profile, because I am over twenty one, and female, although have no plans for children. While, what does make this ad effective is its take on the pregnancy test, and if I ever did wonder if I were pregnant, I would of course turn to clear blue, because it is so “technologically advanced.”

  2. Molly McGranahan September 20, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    A large portion of the market profile for ClearBlue Easy Digital Pregnancy Tests is for the female demographic. The ad does not attempt to completely dismiss males, and ads a bit of comedic relief near the end which may attract men. This is important because married people (versus single people) is also an important demographic for this market profile. The main psychographic, which also could fall under behavior, is sexually-active females. You wouldn’t need a pregnancy test unless you were sexually active, and this product’s main draw is it’s giant advantage of telling you your results five days sooner than other pregnancy tests. Along with it’s rapid results, another benefit of the product is it’s supposed simplicity which can be appealing during a female’s apparent frenzied pregnancy. These are the groups being targeted because as complex as pregnancy is, it is a rather simple idea when it’s come to advertising. It is known that who your target audience will be before you even start brainstorming. I think this commercial did a good job of appealing to males as well and by doing so they created a very broad target audience. Since pregnancy is a universal concept and females essentially exist all over the country as well as the world, there are no geographical limitations as to where this commercial could be aired.

  3. Jenny Deighton September 21, 2010 at 12:14 am #

    The target group for the ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test is clearly women who need to know if they are pregnant or not. As far as a set age, I believe it could stretch any where from teenagers to about mid forties. As far as where to display these adds, I believe that they are fine to run nationally. There are women all over the United States who need to know if they are pregnant. With the ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy test, they now know that they can find out 5 days sooner, as well as not be confused by the + and – found on other pregnancy tests. This test clearly states “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. Another well thought out plan for this advertisement is that it uses an almost comical, yet intense build up to the product name. This grabs the attention of the audience in most cases. Being a woman at 19, I could be seen as part of the targeted group. So in the future (the far future) I will now know to use this advanced pregnancy test.

  4. Shelby DuBois September 21, 2010 at 11:27 pm #

    The ClearBlue Pregnancy Test targets a very particular demographic group. The demographic of this target group is young women, probably aged anywhere from early teens to the early forties, but I would say it is probably targeting the younger half of that age group more. The geographical demographic is limitless; women everywhere get pregnant, it is not limited to a certain area. The psychographics of this group are that they are younger, looking for something new and fresh; as opposed to outdated. They want something that is accurate, they are sick of not getting correct results. The ad uses many phrases such as “next generation of pregnancy tests”, and “so advanced, it’s easy” to flaunt the “high-tech-ness” of the product which would appeal more to the younger generation. The psychographic is looking for simplicity and accuracy, which the ad zones in on. The behavioral aspects of this target group would be that the women are sexually active, as Molly pointed out. If you were not sexually active, this ad would be of no concern to you. Also, women in this group would either be trying to get pregnant, and want to find out, or would want to make sure they were not pregnant. The benefits of this product for the target group are faster results, satisfaction of knowing sooner, and feeling safer because of the accuracy.

  5. Sarah Cunningham September 21, 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    The targeted audience for Clear Blue is obviously women probably around the ages of 22-35. The age range is pretty wide because there’s a definite gap in the age women decide or happen to become pregnant. The women Clear Blue targets are obviously sexually active and are uncertain of whether or not they are pregnant. I think it targets women who have a sense of humor because you can sense the humor toward the end when it talks about being “the most sophisticated technology….you will ever pee on.” I think this provides a sense of ease for the product users because it makes it funny, rather than being a nervous wreck about whether or not your are pregnant. This group of women is being targeted because they are the primary users of this product – women want to know whether or not they are pregnant. I think this effectively targets them because it touches upon the product benefits such as finding out your results 5-days earlier than you would with other competitors products.

  6. zach boothe September 23, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    ◦What demographic, psychographic, behavioral and benefit groups comprise this ad’s market profile?
    ◦Why are these groups being targeted?
    ◦Does this ad effectively target your market profile?

    This ad markets toward women, since it’s for a pregnancy test. It is FOR women, but some men, I think, might see this ad and be persuaded to buy for their girl friend if they need a pregnancy test. The women that are targeted would be any woman that’s capable of getting pregnant, only a specific age range. They must be having sex, other wise they wouldn’t be needing a pregnancy test.
    Women would buy this test to find out if they are pregnant; and the benefit of this product is that you find out 5 days early. It’s sophisticated, quick, acurate, and it has it all. The whole pee comment, though, in my opinion, is a bit awkward and almost makes the commercial feel fake!

    I think this ad is marketed well, and some will find it funny. But the ad mainly talks about how simple, easy, and accurate it is. And the 5 day earlier notice should be a strong seller.

  7. Samantha Montgomery September 23, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    The target audience for the Clear Blue pregnancy test is women, obviously. However, it is targeted to younger women are of the middle or upper class. I say this because the ad makes the pregnancy test look sexy and sophisticated, and would cater to women of the same sophisticated stature. The psychographic groups that this ad caters to are sexually active women, namely teenagers and college students. Some of the behaviors of this group would obviously be sexual intercourse. It is also for women who are interested in the latest technology and are probably loyal to the Clear Blue brand. This group is being targeted because the bulk of teens and young adults like to be trendy. While many don’t think of pregnancy as a trendy event, I would feel better buying a product that is the latest technology. In a time when advertising is given a deceitful name, the idea of trendy and new technology is a good sales point. I personally would buy Clear Blue because of this ad. It gives me a sense of security and dependability and makes me think that the test is the best money can buy.

  8. Jordan MacConnell September 23, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    The Clear Blue pregnancy test is aimed at women who think that they might be pregnant. It could also be aimed at men with a girlfriend or wife who may be pregnant because sometimes men pick up the test for their significant other. Not only is the ad aimed at women, but also women with certain characteristics, such as those who are sexually active. One of the big benefits for Clear Blue and one of their main selling points is that you will find out five days sooner than most tests. The ad is also most likely aimed at middle-class women because Clear Blue pregnancy tests tend to be on the more expensive end. This ad makes pregnancy tests seem sleek and sophisticated, but adds the element of humor by acknowledging the fact that it is something you pee on. This is one of the funniest advertisements I have seen and really helps Clear Blue stand out from its competitors. Also pregnancy tests have the potential of being an awkward topic, but making it humorous tends to ease the awkwardness.

  9. Ollie Birckhead September 23, 2010 at 11:04 pm #

    The clear blue pregnancy test is being marketed (quite obviously towards women.) In particular it is being marketed towards younger women approx 21-35 years of age. This is based on the tongue and cheek nature of the ad. It is nearly impossible to hear the phrase “The most sophisticated thing you will ever pee on” without cracking a smile. By including this kind of humor, it serves to put at ease it’s target demographic. These groups are being targeted due to the narrow appeal of the product. Quite simply, men have no need to use pregnancy tests. The ad is not effective however, because the detection of pregnancy is a very serious and intimate matter and by trying to be funny and cheeky I can see it turning off and alienating many potential consumers. Also, the ad is quite masculine in appearance. The dark colors and stylized presentation of the device make it almost look like a car commercial.

  10. Nick Tsangaris September 23, 2010 at 11:29 pm #

    I do not think anyone can argue that the demographic for the Clear Blue pregnancy test is targeted directly towards women. The women could be any race, any level of income (assuming they can purchase a pregnancy test), but there would be a restriction in terms of ages marketed to because women over standard menopause age would probably not be interested in a pregnancy test anymore. In terms of psychographic, I don’t think there is a specific personality that specifically fits with wanting to know if one is pregnant or not. In terms of behavior, any woman that participates in sexual activity carries the risk of becoming pregnant, so that also is a very wide field. And in terms of benefits, I cannot see another clear benefit for a pregnancy test besides the obvious. The advertisement very successfully targets the groups in question, because when a woman wants to find out if she is pregnant, she wants to be as certain as possible. A digital readout of whether or not one is pregnant is about as certain as you can get.

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