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BLOG POST #4: The Consumer

20 Sep

This week, your task is to write a market profile for the ad below.

You will most likely have to answer each of the thinking points to get to your 150 words.

  • What demographic, psychographic, behavioral and benefit groups comprise this ad’s market profile?
  • Why are these groups being targeted?
  • Does this ad effectively target your market profile?

BLOG POST #3: Modern American AdvertisingIst

13 Sep

As with most advertising, modern advertising is categorized by trends and by the evolution of technology. One of those trends we will discuss some of those trends this week is behavioral targeting.  This trend utilizes cookies on your computer to track what you click on and interact with online.  Then, advertising for products or services that are appropriate for your specific behaviors, or clicks, appears on subsequent websites.  Amazon’s shopping recommendations are an example of this type of targeting, as is Facebook’s customized ads.

A recent New York Times article discussed the next step in behavioral targeting called personalized retargeting or remarketing.  This new advertising seems a little bit more invasive and persistent.  I would like you to comment on your thoughts about remarketing.  Here are some thinking points:

  • Is this type of advertising ethical?  Why or why not?
  • Has this type of targeting happened to you?  Is so, did you like it?
  • What does this type of advertising say about the future of more traditional advertising media?  Will TV spots or print ads, for example, be able to compete?  Is targeting a mass audience ineffective?
  • When does advertising cross the privacy line?  Or, does it?

BLOG POST #2: History

7 Sep

This week, I want you to dive into advertising history a bit more.  Pick either an event or person from Bendinger, et al. Chapter 1.  Spend some time researching your event and person and share your findings in your comment. 

Thinking Points:

  • Why is the person or event so interesting?  What drew you to him or her, or it?
  • What was the contribution the person or event made to advertising?  Do you still see the impact today?
  • How did the event or person influence advertising at the time?  How extensive was that influence?
  • What were the social or cultural conditions that may have shaped the person’s thinking or caused the event?